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English Limited Edition Figurines

Rare and Beautiful Fine China Figurines
by John Bromley and Peter Holland

"Happy Birthday, Prince George"
Celebrate the birth of Prince George


The photo above shows the first fired piece by Peter Holland of his celebration of the birth of our new Royal Prince.

Peter Holland's new portrait of Kate and her baby, Prince George. commemorates the birth of Kate and William's first child and is now in production. We have decided to limit the edition to just 365 pieces to celebrate Prince George's first birthday and this most important royal event.

    "I was delighted to receive this yesterday. Despite the measurements being on your website, I was still surprised by the size! I was even more pleased to receive such a low edition number. Anyway, as you know, I did have my reservations about this piece, because I don't really like busts, but this is so beautiful, I have been completely won-over! I can also see that painting it in colours may actually take something away from the pure beauty. You have all, once again, created a very special masterpiece that will be treasured forever. Thank you." Lila

Peter Holland wanted his portrait bust to be as authentic as possible - to show how Kate looked on the day itself when Prince George was first shown to the public on the steps of St. Mary's hospital.
To see more images - Follow the link to this page about our new royal baby portrait.

Today's Personal Treasure , Your Lasting Legacy Tomorrow

"TALENT and QUALITY Go To Make Bone China Figurines...
"Peter, It is such a joy that this truly British craft is being preserved and I have informed all my friends and associates in Australia, Canada and the USA to join your splendid website.....Yourself and John have created some wonderful pieces over the years which have been brought to life by the many unsung heroes working along side and long may you continue to do so."                
Judi, UK.


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The UK Figurine Collective | 

Welcome to The Figurine Collective website.

  Here you will see how our Fine Bone China, limited edition figurines are made, in the time honoured way, in England, by a small group of dedicated ceramic artists. Their experience and passion for their craft translates into the most beautiful works of ceramic art available today.

The Figurine Collective experience is about how it makes you feel. 

Your sense of quest begins from the moment that you see our designs.  Your decision to reserve special limited edition figurines direct from the artists who create them gives you a completely new and unique involvement - being able to ask them personally any questions about their exquisite pieces - to that moment of pure enjoyment when you open the designer box to reveal your own, personally-numbered limited-edition figurine, signed by the sculptor. 

The rush of excitement when you realize that you hold in your hands something so special and personal to you; the pride in owning a rare and collectable piece of history; something so romantic and beautiful that it will draw envious glances from your friends and family; something that will be part of your lasting legacy to your children and grandchildren.  We hope that the process of building a collection with us will, in itself, bring a sense of calmness, peace, happiness and control to this disorderly world of ours.  

Join us in our efforts to preserve a little piece of the English tradition for you and your decedents. 

"A lifetime ambition fulfilled....To be able to create my best work  and supervise and control its small-scale manufacture, working with some of the best craftspeople in England.....No artist could wish for more"
Peter Holland, sculptor.

When you look at the wider world of collectable, limited edition figurines, there has been some great upheavals in recent years. The solid foundation of the old English firms, with their centuries old tradition of skills, innovation and design has been all but destroyed by their move to Far East production. The Figurine Collective has taken up the baton and vowed to keep these British traditions alive whilst moving forward with some truly gorgeous designs made to appeal to collectors in the twenty-first century. 

In a sea of change we are your rock of stability.

"Feeling part of the close link between sculptors, craftsmen and collectors, that The Figurine Collective provides, is a marvelous experience"
Tony Young, designer.

More than the simple guarantee that everything that we make will be made in England, we believe that our figurines will stand apart with their design and craftsmanship. We have some of the best artists in the world, absorbed in the centuries old traditions of English figurine making, in charge of design, development and production to the highest standards of their own work. 

This is a first amongst fine china figurine production and will matter when the legacy is counted.

"ENGLISH Bone China Figurines - You Have Saved The Day!", "I am absolutely thrilled that you have started up your own ENGLISH Company for making china, limited edition figurines.", 
          MARILYN, Australia.

“I only came across your site today and feel as if I have been given a gift, Thank you”.
Teresa, USA

The Figurine Collective is made unique in its field by the passion of its artists and commitment of its skilled craftspeople to make the finest limited edition figurines produced in England today and by the interaction between collectors, lovers of a fine art, and the very artists who have originated their fine figurines, leaving a lasting legacy for collectors and sculptors alike.  

Experience the true sense of distinction which only a collection of the finest bone china can bring.

"A Beautiful and Pure Art"
Elana,South Africa.

'Like a beautiful, original painting,
our stunning new
limited-edition figurines
by John Bromley and Peter Holland
have value beyond their initial cost. 

The joy and personal involvement in
collecting with us will build into
a lasting legacy and reward for your
dedication and taste, in your search
for the absolute best in modern,
bone china figurine design.'

 pretty lady figurines, figurines, bone china figurines
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Limited edition figurines, porcelain figurines, bone china figurines
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 porcelain figurines, bone china figurines
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Fine Bone China, Limited edition figurines, Hand Made in England.

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Queen Elizabeth II, The Diamond Queen, a new commemorative bone china figurine by Peter Holland
The new Prince William figurine by John Bromley to match Kate Middleton
John Bromley creates a Prince William figurine for his Kate Middleton figure
A Kate Middleton figurine to celebrate her wedding to Prince William in April
A Kate Middleton figurine by John Bromley, our greatest royal portrait, ceramic sculptor
William and Kate wedding - Celebrate with our new figurine
an unusual and affectionate william and kate wedding figurine by Peter Holland
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English Limited Edition figurines, 'Elizabethan Rose' by Peter Holland
English Limited edition figurines - "Elizabehan Rose", by Peter Holland and Basia Zarzycka

Our New figurine
"Happy Birthday, Prince George"

Our latest figurine,
"Happy Birthday, Prince George"
by Peter Holland is now in production.
Follow the link below to see this extraordinary new figurine, portrait bust that celebrates the first birthday of our future King.

Prince George baby, english royal figurines

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"Elizabethan Rose"
by Peter Holland

royal baby figurine figurine

"Happy Birthday, Prince George"
by Peter Holland

queen elizabeth figurine

"The Diamond Queen"
by Peter Holland

prince William figurine

"Prince William"
by John Bromley

kate middleton

"Kate Middleton"
by John Bromley

john bromley figurines, bone china figurines

"As Lovely As You"
by John Bromley

"Rose Garden"
by Peter Holland

"Champagne Ball"
by John Bromley

pretty lady figurines, basia figurines, bone china figurines

"English Garden"
by Peter Holland

william and kate figurines, kate middleton figurine, royal figurines

"Wills and Kate"
by Peter Holland

celtic princess figurine

"Celtic Princess"
by Peter Holland

'Like a beautiful,original painting,
our stunning new
limited-edition figurines
by John Bromley and Peter Holland
have value beyond their initial cost.

"The joy and personal involvement
in collecting with us
will build into a lasting legacy and
reward for your dedication and
taste, in your search for the
absolute best in the modern
design of bone china figurines."

"A Beautiful and Pure Art"

...says Elana, a visitor from South Africa.

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 pretty lady figurines, figurines, bone china figurines
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