An Important Addition to Your Figurines Collection

Reserving now will ensure you receive a limited-edition number for your figurines collection

figurines collection, bone china figurines

figurines collection, bone china figurines

A message from Peter Holland, the creator of...

'Rose Garden"

I hope that this figurine will be a very special addition to your figurine collection.

You may know that I have produced many other figurines collection in the past - but the thing is - as much as I love them, they were always done for someone else. Once the original sculpture left me, it was out of my hands.

Now with The Figurine Collective, I have full control of everything. For the first time, I get to oversee the decoration and final finishing of my work. It is very exciting to follow its progress through to the end.

I am completely confident that the fantastic group of the very best British craftsmen and women, that we work with, will use all their collective skills and talents to ensure that my personal vision is fulfilled.

You now have a unique opportunity to secure your low limited-edition number.
And - you will not have to send any money now.

Please put your name on our reserve list.

By reserving your figurine now you will guarantee that your number will be the lowest available one on our list.

Often the 'holy grail' for bone china figurine collectors is to obtain a much sought after ultra low number under 100.

At present, you will be able to obtain a much sought after number under 100. This is a clear collecting opportunity not to be missed - simply click on the 'Reserve Now' button and leave us your details.

We will contact you when the next available figurine is ready. At this time you will have an opportunity to join an exclusive group who can add "Rose Garden" to their figurines collection.

Guarantee the same ultra low limited-edition number for future commissions

This is a very special offer - If you pre-order this first figurine early enough we will guarantee that you can even keep the same number with each new figurine you commission.*

This is a rare privilege for true collectors and lovers of fine bone china.

*Provided you order within 2 months of the official launch of a new figurine. We will advise you at the time of launch.

Click play (below) to see Peter's latest figurine at the clay sculpting stage

More about Peter's latest here

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Our New figurine
"Happy Birthday, Prince George"

Our latest figurine,
"Happy Birthday, Prince George"
by Peter Holland is now in production.
Follow the link below to see this extraordinary new figurine, portrait bust that celebrates the first birthday of our future King.

Prince George baby, english royal figurines

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"Elizabethan Rose"
by Peter Holland

royal baby figurine figurine

"Happy Birthday, Prince George"
by Peter Holland

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"The Diamond Queen"
by Peter Holland

prince William figurine

"Prince William"
by John Bromley

kate middleton

"Kate Middleton"
by John Bromley

john bromley figurines, bone china figurines

"As Lovely As You"
by John Bromley

"Rose Garden"
by Peter Holland

"Champagne Ball"
by John Bromley

pretty lady figurines, basia figurines, bone china figurines

"English Garden"
by Peter Holland

william and kate figurines, kate middleton figurine, royal figurines

"Wills and Kate"
by Peter Holland

celtic princess figurine

"Celtic Princess"
by Peter Holland

'Like a beautiful,original painting,
our stunning new
limited-edition figurines
by John Bromley and Peter Holland
have value beyond their initial cost.

"The joy and personal involvement
in collecting with us
will build into a lasting legacy and
reward for your dedication and
taste, in your search for the
absolute best in the modern
design of bone china figurines."

"A Beautiful and Pure Art"

...says Elana, a visitor from South Africa.

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 pretty lady figurines, figurines, bone china figurines
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