Valuation of Coalport Figurines

by Jean Axelsen

I was just wondering if you could give me a rough valuation of the 5 queens of England by Coalport all in very good condition. Many Thanks

Valuation of figurines.
Hi Jean,
Thanks for your enquiry.

With regards to finding the value of your item, it not really something we cover in this particular section, but we do have several pages to help with this important subject on Peter Holland's other site,

If you go the a page entitled “Finding China Replacements and Values”, we tell you how to research your china item properly online (lots of great tips). Another page explains “How to save a search on ebay in order to value your figurine”. Alternatively, if you have a whole collection of figurines you want to value in one go, or have items you think may be exceptionally valuable, then we can refer you to an excellent professional online valuation service – very similar to the information you would get by going onto the Antiques Roadshow. To find out more about this service, go here:-

Bring in the Roadshow Experts.

Best regards and hope this helps.

The Figurine Collective”

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Coalport China Ellen Terry figurine
by: Anonymous

Good morning I have a Ellen Terry figurine by John Bromley. It is a limited edition of 200 is it worth anything?
Coalport China figurines by John Bromley vary in price on the second hand market. They can be found on auction sites for as little as £30 but the best ones go for much more. You never really know until you try to sell a particular piece. The rarer the better is the general rule and the small limited editions are best.

Lady Jacqui Coalport figurine
by: Anonymous

Hi, I would like to know if a figurine I have is worth anything? She is a Coalport figurine, Lady Jacqui, 276 of 500 from 1972. There is no box or certificate of authenticity. She is in immaculate condition.
Thank you

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